Rental Rates for Kids & Starter Equipment

rates apply from 13. April - 13. October 2019

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This rental gear features the

  • MISTRAL Evolution Boards 160l., 180l. and 210l.
  • FANATIC Gecko 156 +
    All boards have soft-deck and a center-board
  • DUOTONE Drive Grom (1.0m²-3.5m²) and E-type (4.0m²-4.5m²) 

Important Information concerning the rental ticktes:

  • The rental tickets are ideal for beginner and refresher - level Windsurfers with a certain minimum level (riding upwind and tacking).
  • The ticket rates are per person, the ticket can't be shared.
  • Boards and Sails cannot be booked in advance. 
  • A rescue motorboat is available at all times in case of emergencies (included).
EUROS Insurance optional
5 Hour Rental Ticket 120 € optional
10 Hour Rental Ticket 220 € optional
5 Hour Rental ticket - in combination with a course of minimum 6 hours booked at the same time 80 € optional
10 Hour Rental Ticket - in combination with a course of minimum 6 hours booked at the same time 130 € optional

  • Wetsuits and harnesses are included in rental prices for the rental period. We provide wetsuits appropriate both season and temperature.
  • We do not provide gloves or lycras but you can buy them in our surf shop.
  • Shoes are not provided as they are not necessary at our spot, as there are no rocks or sea urchins, etc.
  • You can store your own wetsuit and harness in our changing room – day AND night.
    • During the warmest month July and August we recommend bringing a Shorty or a Lycra-Shirt.
    • In March , April we recommend 3-4-5 mm long wetsuit (Steamer).
    • In between - May, June & September a 3/2 mm with short arms will do perfectly.


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