North Sails available for rental

All our sails are brand new 2017 North sails. Around 50 sails are rigged up with 75% Carbon Masts in the centre for rental. You can choose freely from between all our sails. From small to big - from wave to slalom and freestyle. 
Due to our Fix Boom System you can use the same boom every day during your stay with us. All our harness lines are adjustable. 
Another 40-50 sails are fully rigged (including boom) for kids and beginners. Kids can enjoy the North Drive Grom sails with sizes between 1.0m² to 3.5m². The E-Type Sails for beginners and refresher- adults are available from 4.0m² - 5.4m².

Equipment Range Windsurfingsails

S-Type SL

North - S-Type SL 2017

Programme: Racing/ Freeride

Sizes:  7.8 m² / 8.3 m²

The S-Type SL Sails are available at the ION CLUB Golf de Roses in the 
sizes 7.8 m² and 8.3 m²!

In this sail you will find the perfect compromise between power and stability. As the mastsleeve is relatively narrow at the top, waterstarting shouldn't be such a big deal.
The 3 cambers stabilise the profile and give you maximum power. Thanks to reinforcements around the leading edge, the known draft stability and the broad wind range could be retained. The result is a highly sporty and competitive slalom sail that thirsts for speed, yet is easy to tame.

E- Type

North - E- Type 2017

Programme: Performance No cam

Sizes: 4.0 m²/ 4.5 m²/ 5.4 m²/ 5.8 m²/ 6.2 m²/ 6.6 m²/ 7.3 m²/ 7.8 m²

The new E-Type Sails are available at the ION CLUB Golf de Roses in the 
sizes 4.0 m², 4.5 m², 5.4 m², 5.8 m², 6.2 m²,6.6 m², 7.3 m² and 7.8 m².

These high performance no Cam Sail combines top speed and easy handling. 
These sails are perfect to improve your jibes in light wind conditions. The E-Type boasts the perfect power and acceleration capabilities of the WARP combined with the handling of a NoCam sail. Windsurfing has never been so relaxed and exciting at the same time!

The perfect combination in thermal windconditions at ION CLUB Golf de Roses are the Boards Blast LTD 113l and 130l or Gecko LTD 112l -146l.


North - Volt 2017

Programme: Wave -Freestyle

Sizes: 4.0m²/4.5m²/5.0m²/5.3m²/5.9m²

Since its introduction the VOLT has established itself as THE Freestyle Wave sail and the ideal partner for classic single fin boards! The fifth generation of the 5 battens bestseller convinces with extremely high draft stability and a very wide wind range, especially in overpowered conditions.
The shape of the smaller sizes until 5.3m² is the shape of a wavesail, perfect in Golf de Roses for Tramuntana Windconditions.
Above this size the shape is based on a Freestyle / Freeride Sail. 
The Volt is an ultra light and nervous sail and has an easy handling and a lot of energy at the same time.


Arrows - iRIG ONE 2017

Programme: Inflatable Sails

Sizes: XS / S / M / L

At ION CLUB  Golf de Roses we offer the brand-new inflatable sails in different sizes since 2016. Around 70% lighter than a standard sail it convinced us especially in the safety aspect.  It is a great tool for kids and beginners- super easy to handle! In 2017 we also have the Size XS available which is suitable for kids around 7-8 years of age.

Drive Grom

North - Drive Grom 2016

Programme: Crossover -Kids

Sizes: 1.0m²/1.5m²/2.0m²/2.5m²/3.0 m²/3.5m²

The new Drive Grom is the most specialised kids sail on the market.
All sails are equipped with 60% Carbon masts and small diameter booms, which are also equipped with harness lines for the more advanced kids.

The ION Club Golf de Roses Team is proud to offer such a high quality equipment to the youngest guests. Fun and success are guaranteed right from the beginning.