Stand up Paddle at Golf de Roses

Pump up your inflatable board
Paddle trip towards the crystal clear waters of Sant Marti D'Empuries
Riding little waves in front of the ION CLUB
Stand up Paddle Breakfast Paddle Excursion

Stand Up Paddle is a sport similar to surfing, the difference is, that you use a paddle to move forward and you are standing on the board.This sport, like most of the other water sports, is coming from Hawaii, where it is practised since the 50 ties. Since a few years already the S.U.P has arrived in Europe and is enjoying since 2010 a big success. However, this is really not surprising. No matter if you head out into flat water or waves, if it’s windy or windless, if you see S.U.P as pure workout or as an relaxing trip over the sea – it’s great fun in any conditions, it trains your body and improves your balance and it can be done by anyone.

We, as ION CLUB Golf de Roses are the pioneers of Stand Up Paddle in Catalunya, because we realized that our spot offers the ideal conditions for its practice. Since 2008 you can rent Stand up Paddle boards in our centre.

There has been another evolution concerning Stand up Paddle Equipment in 2013: the inflatable Boards. This made the sport even safer for the whole family as the boards are soft and stiff (if it's pumped in the correct way) at the same time, gummi fins support this aspect. Since the normal stand up paddle boards were difficult to transport because of their oversize, this was a revolution: the boards now fit into each trunk. At ION CLUB Golf de Roses we are renting the Fanatic Fly Air or Ray Air boards in the premium construction. These boards are even lighter and especially equipped with a mastfoot insert, so a normal sail or one of the new I RiGS can get connected easily.

- During the morning, having light wind and flat water conditions and a wide sandy beach, the spot is ideal to make the first step on the board.
You can paddle towards the beautiful beaches of Sant Marti d’ Empuries, standing on the board above the crystal-clear water.

- In the afternoons the conditions get a bit more tough, as the wind is creating a wind swell, which is making the balance on the board a bit more challenging, however training every muscle of your body! Sometimes the Mediterranean offers small waves just in front of the ION CLUB Golf de Roses, big enough to get a sensation for the surf.

At the ION CLUB Golf de Roses you can benefit from quality equipment from Fanatic. Come - and initiate yourself this summer.