Wind description

Spot with thermal windconditions (South-East)
Spot with thermal windconditions (South-East)
Garbi Wind (South)
Garbi Wind (South)
Tramuntana (North)
Tramuntana (North)

Sea breezes (thermal winds) blow side-onshore from the right, gradually picking up during the day. The gentle morning breeze is perfect for those having their first go at windsurfing. Conditions are particularly good for kids.
Also for stand up paddling we recommend the mornings as the water is flat and calm.
As a general rule you can expect the thermal to get up to between 3.5 – 4.5 Bft, with good days blowing a steady 5 Bft though (in knots 12/13- 18-20 knots).
The wind here is also particularly constant, which is perfect for learning and improving your kitesurfing skills.
Your best chances of catching the thermal winds are between May and September.

  • Recommended Sail Sizes for a 80 kg person: 6.2m²-8.3m² / 105-133 liters
  • Recommended Kite Sizes for a 80 kg person: 10m²-15m²

The Garbi: this very warm south wind has been more frequent over the last few years.
The Garbi tends to appear after the south-easterly thermal wind has kicked in, with the wind slowly swinging to a southerly around 4 pm.
This southern wind, blowing side-shore from the right in front of ION CLUB, tends to be somewhere between 5 and 6 Bft (in knots 16-22), flattening the water to produce perfect freestyle conditions for Windsurfers.
It can be a bit gusty though close to the shore, Kitesurfers enjoy this wind a bit further out.
Also beginners and intermediate Windsurfers can have a lot of fun due to the relatively flat water, which is permitting to uphaul the sail any time.

  • Recommended Sail Sizes for a 80 kg person: 5.3m²-7.3m² / 95-120 liters
  • Recommended Kite Sizes for a 80 kg person: 8m²-12m²

The Tramuntana on the other hand is a little different. This wind comes rushing down from the Pyrenees in the north, usually picking up to between 5 Bft and 8 Bft (in knots 20-35).
The water state also changes due to the perfectly side-shore from the left wind, leaving you with small waves breaking by the beach and perfect Bump and Jump conditions further out, the windswell can be quiet impressive.
If you’ve mastered the waterstart and can carve gybe or you have an advanced level in kitesurfing, then you have probably dreamt of these conditions. 4.0 – 5.5m² sails or 5.0- 7.0 m² kites become the norm. Unfortunately it is very hard to predict the Tramuntana, although it is more common in cooler months. But actually can kick in any time and once it arrives the weather tends to stay that way for 2 or 3 days.
Often the tramuntana is blowing day and night- so no quiet moments for beginners.

  • Recommended Sail Sizes for a 80 kg person: 4.0m²-5.9m² / 76-105 liters
  • Recommended Kite Sizes for a 80 kg person: 5m²-9m²



Wind Forecast

Understand the Wind forecast at our spot:

  • Please read the Wind description first!
  • The Thermal Wind  is the most common Wind (South-east), this is a local Wind effect, which isn't considered by the forecast. As soon as windguru is showing the South- East Wind direction, you have to add 5-10 knots on top of the forecasted windspeed.
  • Also the Tramuntana (North) is most of time stronger than forecasted. The Tramunta kicks in at our spot if at least 18 knots are forecasted and the sky is clear ( low clowdcover %).