ION CLUB Teaching Zone & Kite Expert Zone

The Kitesurfing Spot

The sea breeze (thermal wind) is the predominant wind at Golf de Roses. This wind is amazingly constant, generally blowing between 12-22 knots side-onshore, from the right. Our 100m-wide sandy beach offers enough space for “stress-free” kite launching. The water in front of the centre is shallow for some 50 meters as there are many sandbanks.

The Kite-Zones

The Ballena Alegre- ION CLUB Kitesurfing Zone has been operating since 2005, and is not only the first official kitezone in Catalonia, it is also the safest in the area.
The Kitesurfing zone consists of two areas, one for ION CLUB's classes and another for kite-experts (in highseason June-September). No restrictions are applied before or after the above dates, except those of our Teaching Area.

The ION CLUB Teaching Zone

We offer daily kitesurfing instruction in our official ION CLUB teaching zone from the beginning of the Season starting on the 1st of April until the 12th of October 2020.
This zone is located on the wide sandy beach in front of the centre. 
You will find more information about our kitesurfing teaching programme here.

The Kite- Expert Zone (high season)

As this zone is organized and paid for by the Ballena Alegre campsite and ION CLUB, only their guests are allowed to use the kite-expert part of the zone.
For safety reasons the number of kite surfers using the zone may subject to limitation.
ION CLUB's rescue boat is available during our opening hours (extra charge for service except for ION CLUB Storage- and Rental Guests).

What requirements are needed to use the Kite-Expert Zone?

  • You must be able to ride upwind (IKO Level 3 L)
  • The use of a safety system, like a kite leash, is obligatory. 
  • You must have special third party kitesurfing insurance (e.g. IKO, VDWS) which covers you in case you cause an accident. You can also obtain this insurance cover locally.
  • You must be a client of ION CLUB or the Ballena Alegre campsite.
    There are no fees to use the zone, you must however pay for your lycra, which we use to identify all approved kiters in the zone.

How do I use the Kite-Expert Zone properly?

  • This zone is for launching and landing kites only.
  • The zone is marked with buoys; every user of the zone MUST sail in and out through the channel marked.
  • For everyone’s safety, jumps are only allowed far away from the beach (min. 200 m).  
  • Respect right of way rules between all the other sea users (kitesurfers, windsurfers, boats, etc.). 
  • You must not play with your kite on the beach or try moves or learning kitesurfing in the zone.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Your ION CLUB Golf de Roses Team.