DUOTONE kites availabe for rental


Duotone - Neo 2019

Programme: Freeride/ Wave

Sizes : 5 m²/ 7 m²/ 9 m² / 12 m²

5 lines

The Neo has only 3 struts, which makes this kite super light.
The Neo is the most dynamic kite in the duotone range. It has a smooth power development and best "drifting" abilities. Another caracteristic is the very responsive steering when the kite is depowered, that means that the kite is still very reactiv and the steering abilities are quick and consistent. The Neo is the guarantee for a responsive ride with excellent manoeuvrability. Due to its accessible steering, the forgiving feel and a quick and easy relaunch, the Neo is also ideal for freeriding, doesn´t matter if on a twin tip or a surfboard. That is why the ION CLUB Golf de Roses team likes this Kite for every level the students might have.


Duotone - Juice 2019

Programme: Lightwind Freeride & Foil

Sizes : 15 m² and 17 m²

5 line Kite.

This 3 strut kite is a light wind kite that is fast, efficient and exiting to fly. The Juice is very stable in the air and has a quick and easy depower. The kite features a 3-strut lightweight design that delivers impressive low end power whilst retaining a dynamic bar feeling and responsive handling. It’s a great kite for trying airstyle tricks in light winds and delivers enough power to get small boards working so you don’t have to ride a door! There have been some tweaks to the canopy profiles on the 15 m2 to make it faster and help it to climb back up to the top of the window during down loops. Because of its speed the kite feels smaller than it is and makes a low - wind day worth kiting.