Kiteboards from DUOTONE available for rental


Duotone - Jaime 2019

Programme: Freeride/ Freestyle

Sizes : 133 cm , 136 cm and  139 cm

The Jaime is the perfect board for riders who are looking for a great freestyle board without the good stiffness, it perfectly blends the ultimate in performance with a smoother and easier ride, making it a good choice for freeriders too. For 2017 the Jaime has a new shape with a wider outline making the pop even better and the landings even easier. The Jaime is great for both hooked-in and unhooked riding with the NTT straps. Fast and with great pop, Freestyle riders looking for an explosive, yet forgiving ride will love this board.

Rental Category in ION CLUB Golf de Roses : S- Sportiv


Duotone - Gonzales 2019

Programme: Freeride

Sizes : 138 cm/142cm/151cm

The Gonzales is a very accessible board.
It has comfortable riding abilities and great upwind performance. The wider profile provides a stable platform whilst helping to get the board up on the plane early!
It is designed to help you improve your kiteboarding fast. From the very first steps to advanced Freeriding, the Gonzales ensures a fast learning curve for all levels of riders looking to advance. An incredibly stable and quick-to-plane board, it has enough high performance features to ensure you won't outgrow it too quickly.

Rental Category in ION CLUB Golf de Roses: M-Advanced


NKB - Soleil 2017

Programme: Women/Freeride

Sizes : 132 cm

The Soleil has been designed for girls by girls and takes into account their smaller size and weight.The Soleil is very smooth and comfortable and has a special flex pattern that makes choppy conditions easy, yet still delivers impressive pop. The sharp rails offer plenty of grip and excellent upwind capabilities. Come and rent it at ION Club Golf de Roses

Rental Category in ION Club Golf de Roses: M-Advanced


Duotone - Spike 2019

Programme: Freeride/ Lightwind

Sizes : 153 cm and 163 cm

Lightwind weapon and perfect upwind performance. Although its appearance is large, its performance is dynamic. So get set to cruise in the lightest puff of wind.
163: Ultimate light wind performance, best upwind performance, really easy to ride. Get going before everyone else!
153: The 153 has slightly less low end than the 163 but being shorter means that you really can load it up to boost some proper jumps!

Rental Category in ION CLUB Golf de Roses : L-Intermediate


NKB - Whip 2018

Programme: Compact Surf Concept

Size: 5'2'' x 17 7/8'' x 2 3/16

Easy to handle and driven by the modern Compact Shape Concept, the Whip CSC is the top choice for riders wanting a forgiving and playful board, great for small to medium waves and strapless freestyle. The Whip got a major face lift for 2017. It has a brand new outline and rocker with nose shape similar to the new Pro CSC and a wide swallow tail. The main goal with the Whip was to keep the low end speed, glide and stability, but to loosen up the turning to make it more snappy and user friendly.

Rental Category in ION Club Golf de Roses : S- Sportiv



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