Starter and Refresher Courses

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The Starter/Refresher courses are designed to teach you the fundamentals of kitesurfing.
After a short theory session, which includes safety rules and guidelines, you will quickly move on to practical handling and feeling the power from a kite; first on the beach, and then on the water. This will help you learn how to move the kite correctly and how to react in different situations.

Safety is our priority, which is why we use the buddy system when teaching beginners and 'refreshers'. This means working together in groups of four students with two kites per instructor.

Having a 'buddy' who is always with you means that safety is assured.
It also means you get the opportunity to take a quick break and learn from the mistakes (or success) of your partner. While you are taking a break and watching your 'buddy', the instructor will be able to talk you through what your partner is doing and how to improve so that when it's your turn with the kite you'll be able to focus entirely on improving!

These are the different options:

  • 6 hours Taster Course
  • 10 hours Beginner Course
  • 6 hours Refresher Course
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Intermediate and Advanced Courses

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To take part in our Intermediate and Advanced courses, you will need to have mastered the waterstart.

We'll start things off by checking what you have learned and filling in the gaps. Next we'll look at improving your body position so you can learn to ride safely and confidently in both directions.
Conditions permitting, we'll have you sailing upwind in just a short time!
Who knows? You might even want to try a few small jumps.
Our instructors may choose to use the centre's video camera for post-session visual feedback.

To ensure you get as much time as possible on the water we have designed our intermediate and advanced courses using what
we call the 'semi-private system': this means that 2 students share one instructor, while each student has his/her 'own' kite-equipment.

You can choose between 3 different options, depending on your skill-level:

  • 6 hours Intermediate Course
  • 10 hours Intermediate Course
  • 6 hours Advanced Course
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Private and Semi-Private Courses

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If you want an instructor at your side, who will be with you throughout your lesson, then the private course is perfect for you.
Whether beginner, intermediate or expert, this means exclusive teaching for you alone - with fast improvements in kitesurfing.

This course offer includes video camera use for visual feedback and improved progress analysis. 
Why not try the centre's Go Pro HD camera? We can fix it to your helmet (or wherever you want), and you can even ask for a copy of your movie to take home a souvenir of your sporting holidays.

If you have a friend with the same level as you, then a semi-private course is an excellent option.

These are the options:

  • Private Course 2 hours
  • Semi-Pivate Course 2 hours
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