Second hand Fanatic Wave Boards in great condition

Fanatic Grip TE 76l 2018 - 1100 €
Fanatic Grip TE 82l 2018 - 1100 €
Fanatic Grip TE 89l 2018 - 1100 €
Fanatic Freewave STB TE 85l 2018 - 950 €
Fanatic Freewave STB TE 95l 2018 - 950 €
Fanatic Freewave STB TE 85l 2017 - 700 €
Fanatic Freewave STB TE 105l 2017 - 700 €
Mistral Shock Wave 78l 2011 -200€
New Wave TE 76l 2010 -200€

The Fanatic Wave Boards are all in the ultra light team edition available, some with single fin and some with tri fin. All theses boards have been  are in great condition, nevertheless,  have been checked carefully at the end of the season.

  • We can recommend the Freewave TE 75 and the New Wave TE 76 liters if you look for a cheaper option, but be aware that the boards are really well conserved although they are bit older.
  • If you look for a second hand Wave Board from Fanatic from this season, we can recommend the Grip TE Freewave STB TE Boards. All our wave boards are availble in the TE - full carbon version. These boards are like new.

    Please get in touch with us if you are interested in one one these boards, we can provide you with high resolution picutures of all details and can inform you about the shipping costs to your country.
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